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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  December 15, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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well they are burning the midnight oil on the bay bridge tonight. what they hope to accomplish by christmas eve. involved in the shooting death a disabled man, tonight receiving the top honor a long road that brought them from then to now. one of the biggest names to come out of sill la can valley. >> street not good enough to be named affidavit packerred and strangers in your family. the condition that keeps millions of people from recognizing the people they know they should love. good evening. i'm ken. dana is off tonight. cale tran has a daunting task, foot 4 million pounds of steal into place on the bay bridge by christmas eve and joe vasquez tells us what is on the raise and has them working around the clock, joe?
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>> reporter: a major storm expect today land friday but that stop these guys. it looks like a rocket on the lunch pad. that's the focus of the work. they will work 12-hour shifts until this face of the prod just a second is done. the construction project alongside the bay bridge continues to grow as crews work into the night. cale tran says they began a day ahead of schedule on the suspension tower. the plan so to work around the clock and finish building this, the third section of the tower by next friday, christmas eve. they were going to try and finish by sunday but a strong rain and windstorm on friday is going to slow them down. >> it's all based really on weather. we have enough time to do it as long as we are not pushed too hard it's it's made of five sections and will have four separate legs and the faith like the top of the stool. the tower will hold up the eastern span of the bay bridge even in the event of the unevidenceble. >> we wanted the tower to be
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flexible in a large scale earthquake. so these towers are connected by the lake theme that allows the legs to move independent and the beams are like fuses. >> reporter: this face of the project will end up with three of the four stool legs in place. it will be about 375 feet high, which is 40 stories above the bay. that's taller than the kuwait tower and tribute tower and will get even taller once they finish the tower sometime in february it will be 525 feet high. of course they are talking now, ken, they believe they will finish the entire project, the bay bridge completely by the end of 2013 which is ahead of schedule but of course 24 years after. >> it's an amazing site. we can see over your shoulder and a whole new horn rise within you leave the city. so it will be exciting to see that go up. >> reporter: they are telling people don't get districted
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while driving. easier said than done because it's huge. >> it will be beautiful when it's done. joe vasquez, thanks, joe. a car in san francisco left the freeway tonight and landed in a house. take a look at this. chopper five caught the scene after a car ran off northbound lanes of interstate 280 and crashed into the back of a house. this was at amamanie boulevard. not clear what caused that car to drive off the freeway. it's a case that angered friends and family. they shot and killed a suspect. linda shows us five officers involved were honored by the force tonight [applause] >> reporter: it's the department's highest award for bravery, gold metals. five officers honor in a 2004 case. they chased after a kidnapping suspect that fired several times at them and then ignored command commands to surrenderer. >> it's stressful.
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>> reporter: it was a case in controversy. the suspect reached inside of the car and spun toward an officer and one fired. 29-year-old cameron of oakland was dead. he had no gun in his hand and was disabled. he lost his legs in another car chase years earlier. his gun was found in the car. his family sued. the public criticism was relentless. >> reading the papers and watching the news and, you know, talks about us getting terminated or suspended. it was trust rating -- frustrating but when you know you did everything right it's easier to sleep at night. >> i stopped listening today news. i just didn't watch the news anymore and just did my job and went to work. >> reporter: now six years later, the bad moments are behind them. >> i guess it's closure. you know, it's something we weren't really expecting. it's not the way we do the job. so i guess this is a bonus. >> reporter: and the honor is bittersweet. >> it feels good to get the
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metal of course but just standing up here and hearing the replay is very emotional. i didn't want to hear it again, actually. i'm ready to let it go and move on. >> reporter: a federal court jury exonerated the officers in 2007 and two years later an appeals court upheld that decision. we tried to contact the cameron boyd family tonight but weren't able to reach them. >> thank you for that report. oakland's police chief is asking the fbi to investigate last month's shooting death of an oakland man at the hands of officers. police say they opened fire after 37-year-old derrick jones ran from them and then grabbed for his waste band. offices thought he was getting a weapon. turned out to be a small scale. the family is disputing the police version. there is a district attorney's investigation underway but the chief decided to take the extra step of calling in the feds. >> the primary reason is public trust and when you have an
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officer-involved shooting in a community as little concern, i think we need to be open and chance para -- transparent. >> wonderful. i was blown away. i think this is a good thing. i have no trust in the police. >> this was oakland's fifth police involved shooting of the year and the third fatal one. closer to the passage of president obama's 858 billion-dollar tax package. the senate passed that package earlier today. it will save americans thousands of dollars in taxes over the next two years. reduce social security taxes and extend jobless benefits. the bill goes to the full house for a vote. democrats say they expect it to pass and become law. the tax cuts were enacted under president george w bush and set to expire january 1st. >> january 1st. jacking up the volume on commercials will soon be against
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the law. the president signed legislation from congresswoman anna today. it presents advertisers from raising volume on commercials making them louder than the other programming. the law requires the fcc to adopt standards within a year and will go into effect a year after that. so we should start hearing quieter commercials in 2013. the would be hero from yesterday's shooting at a school board meeting in florida spoke today. school board member ginger little ton tried to knock the gun out of his hands. she missed and this morning said she doesn't really know what she was thinking. >> i don't think anything was going through my mind except for the fact that these guys were sitting ducks. they were lined up like pigeons on a wire and i couldn't leave them without trying to at least divert or somehow or other diffuse the situation or buy time. >> littleton crept up behind clay duke yesterday as he aimed
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a gun at the board members. he was upset because his wife was fired. he fired shots at the board members before being shot by a security guard. duke then turned the gun on himself. well at age 26 there is already a movie about him, his company has more than 500 million users. now mark has been named time magazine's person of the year. the cofounder of facebook is the youngest person to be chosen for the honors since charles lend burg back in 1927. time is crediting the billionaire with changing the way facebook users live their lives. perhaps the city will some day name a street after sucker burg but right now there is another local icon on its mind. the decision is not as easy as it sounds. to them, size does matter when honoring this particular legend. >> reporter: the name is about as close to high-tech royalty as you can get in the city.
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david helped start hp in this garage downtown and it's family has donated generously to the city over the years. despite all that, not a single piece of public property is named after him. which brings us to this empty 2-acre lot. the historical association thought they had a good idea, they would honor one of the founding fathers of the valley, one of the founders of one of the largest tech companies in the world and one of the greatest in this county to live by naming this little colt sack packard court. >> why did you decide to recommend that court to be named after him? >> it's available. >> reporter: association president doug gram says it made sense because the packard family lived here, just a few houses away for ten years. also it just isn't expanding so the chance to name a new street is rare. >> is this place important enough? well, it probably isn't; but what other chance do we have
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right now to put packard's name on something, anything in this city? >> reporter: council member larry kline killed the idea and said the court which will eventually have four homes was too small for a tech giant like packard. >> we need to honor mr. packard with something much larger, a park, library, major street if we had one but something that doesn't have a name, rather than a court. >> reporter: it's reviewing naming procedures and the packard foundation had no comment. it turns out only one brown can stay while governor-elect jerry brown is preparing to retake control of the state. his sister is packing her bags. why his new gig is forcing her to leave the time zone. sure you don't recognize every face you see but sure, you can probably tell one stranger from another but there are plenty of people that can't do
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that. we'll explain facial blindness. and he's out of jail on the right side of the law and making a professional come back. the one thing that quarterback michael vick wants that he can never have. and i'm going to step out of the way so you can look at the current temperatures outdoors. the areas that will now hit below freezing tonight, the pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues. join the jaguar platinum celebration ! come celebrate exciting cars that are stunning to look at, exhilarating to drive and worry free to own. celebrate this holiday season with the gift of platinum. jaguar platinum coverage: five years or 50,000 miles of complimentary scheduled maintenance, and no cost replacement of wear and tear items.
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visit your bay area jaguar dealer during the platinum celebration for a $599 lease offer on the 2011 xf. look forward to in the new year ... larger oday people that make minimum wage will have something to look forward in the new year, larger paychecks. the mayor announced it will increase to 9.92 an hour. that's a 1.3% increase up from 9.79 cents an hour. the mayor says it ensures the local minimum wage keeps pace with inflation. the new wage will go into effect on january 1st. jerry brown's new job is
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posing an unexpected problem for his younger sister. kathleen brown is the head of public finance on the west coast. the security firm is a major under writer of california's debt. her employer says in order to avoid the perception of a conflict of interest, they are moving her to a new job in chicago. kathleen is a former state treasurer. her brother will become california's next governor in january. we all have trouble putting names to faces from time to time but what if you couldn't ever tell one phase from another? what if they all looked the same all the time. we see the problem affecting someone you know. >> i had difficulty recognizing faces for as long as i can remember. >> reporter: his face may not be familiar, but his books should be. oliver sacks has written ten best sellers about the way the mind works, one awakenings became a movie and robin
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williams charter is based on doctor sacks. now sacks is revealing his own brain disorder, an inability to recognize faces. >> facial recognition is an amazing achievement. >> reporter: but for him every face looks like another face. it's called face blindness. can you describe what you see or don't see? >> i see all the features but it doesn't quite add up to a unique image. >> reporter: for example, look at these famous faces, easily identifiable, now look again, it's still the same eyes, nose and mouth but the face is much harder to recognize, someone who is face blind sees the features but can't place the face. >> if you can't tell who is who, how do you respond? >> sometimes i kiss strangers thinking i know them. >> reporter: it's so bad that when sacks wrote a book
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reminiscing about his favorite uncle he used a picture of someone else. >> when this was published my uncle's children wrote to me, are you mad that is not our father and looks nothing like our father. >> reporter: he fixed it in the paper back. he is able to recognize people if he has enough clues. is there anything familiar about this face at all? >> i feel it ought to be familiar and i have a vague sense of it obviously imminent very much at's with poise and pose. i am - >> reporter: how did you arrive at that? >> there was a feeling of extreme self-assurance. >> reporter: harvard researchers studying the disorder estimate one out of 50 people have it. >> with regard to face blindness we point to the brain and say it comes from here. >> right and you can also stimulate that area and the person will see face and
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hallucinate faces. >> reporter: it is chuck who gained world renowned with portraits of faces. >> we have to prove to the people who we see that we care about them even though we're not going to recognize their faces. >> reporter: it's one reason he paints family like his daughter maggie and his wife leslie. >> there are millions of us, of my sort around who require, if not help, some sort of understanding or some sort of tolerance. >> my entire family has faces like this. >> reporter: by going public he hopes face blindness will be accepted like dyslexia, a little recognition for those who can't recognize. recognize. >> she's got a phase you'll never forget roberta gonzalez. >> is that a good thing or bad thing? good evening. today's high went from 53 to
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59 degrees and oakland this evening hard to tell but that's a moon becoming ill limb nateed there which means clearer skies and as a result it's cold outside with colder air mass in place. 31 forecast overnight low tonight in santa rosa and low 30s and american canyon it will be freezing throughout the tribe valley and mid 30s throughout san jose. tomorrow morning's commute will be a frosty one in many locations inland and lots of clear skies and colder than what we've been used to. we'll see increasing clouds called partly cloudy during the day. this area of low pressure passed through yesterday and high pressure briefly building in for a dry day tomorrow until the storm upstream works it's way in and as it does so everybody is wet for friday morning's commute and as we march and forge ahead you'll notice everybody's wet by the evening commute as well and the rain, we will have periods of rain with sometimes heavy rain and gusty winds straight
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through saturday. it will tally up like this: by sunday morning nearly 4 inches, highest locations of the north bay santa cruz mountains 1 to 2 inches of rain across the central bay and into the santa clara valley. winter storm watch in effect on friday for the greater lake tahoe area, best tame to head up there will be in the morning hours on friday if you can't get away thursday. tomorrow with partly cloudy and temperatures in the 50s. your extended forecast. again, the rain does begin on friday, does not end all the way until about maybe a break sunday morning and then a little bit more uncertainty from sunday night through the beginning of next week but i would plan on periods of rain. >> and a little snow in the mountains. >> a lot of snow in the mountains. >> all right. it will be a white christmas. >> yes, it's going to be a big white christmas. >> thanks. you probably had one, your parents probably had one, too, but after millions of recalls and more than 30 deaths, those drop side baby cribs are banned in the united states.
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the consumer product safety commission voted unanimously to forbid the manufacturer and sale of these cribs. in the past decade at least 32 babies or toddlers have been strangled when the rails detach from the crib starting next june cribs will have to have six sides. they are always watching someone, even while they are driving. who is watching you and how often? coming up in tonight's good question. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well you are constantly being watched, not just at the bank or by your nosey neighbors with their phone cap rain showers, the eyes on you are coming from the state of california. nancy in concord wants to know how many traffic cameras does cale tran have and who operates them? that's tonight's good question. seems like everybody has a camera out there these days, more and more of the private lives are being recorded and downloaded by somebody. you're not even safe in your car anymore or maybe you're safer.
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cale tran is now operating over 1000 cameras around the state, 300 of them in the bay area. >> this tells us right away what the problem is, how bad it is. >> reporter: bob says when a 911 call comes into the chp it's often relayed to the cale tran's traffic management center in oakland where operators can get a firsthand look at what's going onto respond appropriate lit. >> if we see on the animated map that all of a sudden traffic has gone from green to red, then we know we have a problem, we know which cameras we can call up and find out what the problem is. >> reporter: operators have the ability to see in realtime what traffic conditions are doing to different parts of the bay area. in audition, cal tran has road sensors. >> people don't want to be stuck in traffic. we want to provide the safest and most convenient way. >> reporter: go to
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and click on the icon to send me your good question. he's been called the most infamous dog fighter in u.s. history and guess what? he wants to own another dog. michael vick told an online news source he would eventually like to be a dog owner again if the courts allow it. he says it would be a good step he thinks in his rehabilitation. vick served a year and a half in jail for running a dogfighting ring in his home. he's currently having the best season of his career as quarterback for the philadelphia eagles. the 49ers, chargers game tomorrow, the sharks coached called it unexemptble. we'll show you what he was talking about next. ♪electronic santa song
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in 2006 aleck smith appeared to be living up to the status and offensive coordinator left for san diego. smith will face his old coach tomorrow on cbs five. today alex reflected on the good times. >> it felt really good, you know, really good, was excited about it. you know, that was -- that second year for me was a lot of fun and development for me. i learned a lot of football. >> to be a head coach again you understood that, not devastating. >> frustrating. i thought it could be different if that maybe didn't happen. >> today and the sharks in nashville tonight. sharks on a power play and joe finds heatly. the takes take the lead in the second period. they were ready to win this game and then he fell asleep on defense. nashville a beautiful redirect into the net tied the game at two and 44 seconds later no
10:27 pm
loss. another defensive, this time he finds colin wilson. the sharks cuff up the lead and lose 3-2. one day after godzilla invaded the a's back to the future bringing rich back into the organization after trading the cubs in 2008. oakland signs the to a one year 1 and a half million dollar deal. he's been on the disabled list nine times. >> he's hurt a lot. >> so their strategy is to say forget this deal as a starting pitcher and let's let him through a change up and fast ball and maybe that will make him effective and keep him healthy. >> he was great there is still a shot he could get back. >> so the a's will give him a body scan? >> they may not do that. i don't think they would like what they find. he's back in the fold. >> go a's. >> we'll keep you updated on mr. harden's condition. that does it for eyewitness news
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at 10:00. remember, the news is always on we'll see you back on cbs5 at 11:00. lightning fast. lightning strong. verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world.
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